So I’m mumblemumble hours into playing ToTK, and I’m still amazed at how good a game it is.

But first, I’ma ruin the game for you with one picture and one word:



No photo description available.

You’ll never be able to unsee it now. 😂 

Potential spoilers ahead!

I’ve completed all of the shrines and all of the lightroots, and am currently working on getting all of the Sage’s Wills. I’ve got all of the sages, and I’m probably going to go finish up all of the side quests before I officially finish the game (I’ve been to the Hyrule Castle Depths and got to the very end, and then stopped because I didn’t want to finish it yet, lol.

I love how familiar the world is from BotW, but the addition of the sky islands and the depths just adds so much to the world. I love the story of the Zonai and of Zelda, and I’m eager to see what happens at the end (but obviously not too eager, lol) – is Zelda forever a dragon or will she somehow be transformed back into a Hylian? Will Ganondorf finally be defeated once and for all (fat chance)? Does the ugly dude with the balloon finally turn into a Satori? 

So. Damn. Good.

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