I’ve had a LOT of hairstyles over the years. From ultra long down to my butt in 6th grade to that time I cut my own hair in high school to pixie cuts, from platinum blonde when I was a kid to rainbow when I was, well, a very large kid, I’ve always enjoyed changing it up.

So, as a fun little “I’m bored but I have to write something for my blog” project and to remind me of all of the fun hair I’ve had, I now present to you just, like, too many hairstyles.

Baby’s first mohawk!

Whoever did this to me was either a jerk or a genius. I haven’t yet made up my mind which.

Platinum blonde

I wasn’t kidding about that.

Long with bangs

Giving peak early-90s with my Pop here.

Long without bangs

And super happy about it too, apparently!

And then I cut it myself…

And it came out looking pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself! With my friend Jolene here.

And shorter still

And potato-quality photo!


I used henna on my hair and loved it, but it was a big pain to do it. Shout-out to my Kitten hat and my Trilly cat!


With a potato for a camera.

Baby’s first bob

Oh, I really liked this cut. 


I grew my hair out for my wedding (and one of the first things I did afterward was chop it again).

Short red bob

J/k, I was Velma for Halloween. Jinkies!


Here in Brussels with my husband Jon and my boi Manneken Pis, and then on a solo trip to London.

Asymmetric bob

I loved this haircut until it started growing out. Then it just looked like I fucked up my hair. 😂 

Pregnant hair

My hair never looked better than it did while I was pregnant (and soon therafter). Last photo features Faire Hair.


Short with highlights

Back to the pixie, but this time with highlights and the option for a faux hawk.

Color fauxhawk!

Here’s where we start getting into the really fun stuff. This one was so much fun. 😊 


It’s purple!

Rainbow roots!

First with blonde, then with extra nerd cred, and then with silvery-blue (with my friends Laura and Jim, and my sling from shoulder surgery).



Mermaid Pride Parade

That’s what my hairdresser named this one. 😊 


A happy accident when I purpled all over the mermaid Pride parade.

End Times

Then COVID hit and I started cutting the entire family’s hair.

Back to normal?

And we were all very happy to go back to the professionals.

Rainbow again!

Ahhhhhhhh, that’s better.

Rainbow curls

Decided to set the curls free.

Caribbean Sea

I asked for, and received, the Caribbean Sea in hair form.

Silver and blue

Interim color while I grow out the blue a bit. 

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