I’ve been working on a lot of badges since I last posted about this, and since then I’ve taken a pottery class (and signed up for another one), traveled to New Zealand and put together a 197-page scrapbook of our trip, wrote a bunch on this here blog, did a lot of crafting, and planted a garden this year.

I’ve completed 12 badges so far:

  • Builder
  • Linguist
  • Rebel Buddy
  • DIY
  • My Collection (board games, of course)
  • My Roots
  • Brain Games
  • Craft
  • Crafter (Advanced)
  • Scrapbooker
  • Writer
  • World Traveller

I’ve also completed one area patch:

  • Creative

Badges I’m currently working on include:

  • Craft Part Two
  • Adulting
  • Board Games
  • Gamer
  • Gardener
  • My Passion
  • Camper

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