Liveblog for initial watch-through of Rings of Power S1 E1

I’ve put my initial thoughts as I was watching in the main bullets, and then pulled out any additional info I added afterward into sub-bullets.

Needless to say, spoilers abound.

  • Oh, this is going to sound like a minor thing, but they did a great job making Galadriel’s hair look like it held the light of the two trees, silver and gold.
  • Is that jerk kid Fëanor? That’s gotta be Fëanor. (Yes, I know he’s her uncle. But Elves are weird, man.)
  • Oh cool, it’s Galadriel’s big brother Finrod.
  • Ooooo the Trees are PERFECT – oh, they’re gone. That’s all we get, huh? I guess they didn’t have the rights to use Melkor and Ungoliant destroying them. 
  • No mention of Feanor’s dickishness and Galadriel’s trip over the Helcaraxë, then. That must be a Silmarillion-only thing. 
  • That’s one way to summarize the entire First Age, I guess? No mention of Belariand (Silmarillion?).
  • Finrod vowed to seek out Sauron and destroy him? What? When did that happen?
    • Fëanor (dick) started the whole “Let’s go to Middle Earth” thing because Melkor (who he named Morgoth) stole his pwetty tweasuwes.
    • Finrod opposed Fëanor and the Exile of the Noldor, but he still left because he didn’t want to be split from his friends.
    • He did make an oath to help Barahir and his kin, but that wasn’t specific to killing Sauron. Finrod only ended up captured by Sauron because he was helping Beren (Barahir’s son) steal a Silmaril so he could marry Lúthien. No mention of Finrod getting reembodied by Mandos for his bravery in saving Beren, must also be a Silmarillion thing.
  • Galadriel took up her brother’s vow to kill Sauron? I don’t remember that at all.
  • Forodwaith? Why Forodwaith? Sauron’s stronghold? I don’t remember anything about Sauron being in Forodwaith.

Still from S1 E1 of Rings of Power

  • Oh snap, though, that’s a cool and gross-looking fortress!
  • Eww, did we need the blood splatter on the screen?
  • Where the hell was everyone else in killing the troll? Is Galadriel the only competent person here? Oh. Oh yeah, I guess she is.
  • Oh haha, I didn’t even realize we hadn’t see the opening screen yet.
  • HarFEET! This is pretty much exactly what I pictured the Harfoots as from Lord of the Rings Online. 
  • Oh good, a fat joke. :rolleyes:
  • Um, I don’t believe that was a “wolf” there, kiddo.
  • NGL Elrond looks weird without long hair. 
  • Who is Elrond’s friend? It’s not Galadriel, right? 
  • OH, LINDON IS *PERFECT*. Oh wow. I could have spent a few more minutes looking at that.
  • Oh, oh it is Galadriel. Apparently s/cousin/friend.
  • What ceremony?
  • Oh hey, it’s Moana Brandyfoot!
  • Gil-galad is younger and less flashy than I expected. 
  • Wait, they’re going back to Valinor? I’m confused. I’m not sure Gil-galad has the authority to overturn the Doom of Mandos.
  • “Conflicted.” *twitch twitch* Ohhhhh, our girl is PISSED. This is some really, really good acting.
  • Did Elrond really just “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” Galadriel?
  • I really like the map transitions.
  • Oooo Southlands! 
  • I don’t remember there being elf outposts watching over the Southrons. 
  • Arondir? Not familiar, is that a made-up character or one I haven’t come across?
    • Made-up.
  • Poisoned grass? In the East? HECKIN’ MORDOR.
  • Alfirin seeds? WTF is Alfirin?
    • Ohhhhh, simbelmynë. It’s the flower that grows on the barrows at Edoras.
  • Hahaha, don’t be obvious about it or anything, Arondir and random human lady. 
  • Tirharad – Ohhhhhh, those are the Haradhrim!
  • Rats you say? Weeds? Poison grass? Sick animals? OH LAWD, MORDOR COMIN’.
  • Ooooo he LIIIIIIIIIIKES her.
  • Sword hilt – Oh shit, was that Sauron’s sword? This kid isn’t going to turn into Sauron or something, is he?
  • Wait Galadriel sailed back? What… when… huh? And where is Círdan on this boat?
  • Wait, so Gil-Galad knows Sauron’s still out there? 
  • Heyyyyy Celebrimbor, you smarmy, gullible bastard. 
  • Oh snap, RIP Hordern
  • Um, why are there elf ladies stripping everyone on this boat?
  • Hey weird birds. 
  • What… what are we singing here? Is this supposed to be reminiscent of the Music of the Ainur?
  • What in the ID4 alien ship clouds is this? HAHAHA, they even did the DRAMATIC STEP FORWARD from ID4. 😂 
  • Comet? Is that supposed to be Sauron? Are we in some weird Game of Thrones/Middle-earth crossover show or something?
  • Ok, so now she’s in the middle of the ocean. Cool cool.
  • Ewww that’s a gross leaf. Why your trees be gross, Gil-galad?
  • Oh no Moana, back away from the naked comet-man.

So, overall impressions:

I liked it. There were some WTF moments, but on the whole the acting was very good, the scenery was gorgeous and as I would have imagined it (except for Aman – like WTF was that curtain of clouds and getting beamed up by the light shit?), and the story was intriguing. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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