So in *checks watch* less than two weeks we leave for New Zealand. I’m getting the pre-trip butterflies, but I’m so, so very excited.

I’ve probably spent more time planning the trip than we’ll actually spend there, but you know me – I want to see ALL THE THINGS.  

So where did I start in planning? By looking up and mapping out LoTR filming locations, obviously. 😂 

That gave me a rough outline of the shape of our trip. There were obviously other things I wanted to see, like the west coast glaciers on the south island and the Coromandel Peninsula, so I managed to fit some of those in. Unfortunately I had to ax some places because of lack of time (Christchurch, Mount Sunday) or because of Mother Nature (the Putangarua Pinnacles area is closed, for example). But I’m pretty pleased with what we will get to see in our 3+ weeks there.

Of course I made a spreadsheet.

Tabs for details, schedule, and costs. I added everything to my Google calendar as well as putting copies of all confirmations up on the cloud and downloaded them to my phone. Also downloaded maps for NZ in case we don’t have signal so we don’t get lost (I’ve also got an offline NZ map app, but I can’t test it until I get there).

Unfortunately this is the only shit I’m organized with, lol.

Anyway, highlights of our plan:

  • Glow worm cave
  • Māori winter celebration
  • Women’s world cup game in Wellington
  • Glacier landing
  • Summit stargazing in the world’s largest accredited dark sky reserve
  • Milford Sound cruise



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