Ok. I’m finally getting around to watching the next episode. Here we go!

Liveblog for initial watch-through of Rings of Power S1 E2

I’ve put my initial thoughts as I was watching in the main bullets, and then pulled out any additional info I added afterward into sub-bullets.

Needless to say, spoilers abound.

  • I am glad that Howard Shore did the music for the show. 
  • This sand stuff in the opening credits is weird.
  • So here we are, Galadriel, mostly nekkid and in the middle of the ocean. Big cloud wall is gone. Let’s swim across the entire ocean!
  • Speaking of nekkid, what is up with this meteor dude? Gotta be a Maia, right? 
  • Ummmmmm, ok? Dude’s clearly not a night person.
  • Wheeeeeee, here I go down the hill! LOL
  • The wolves surely won’t know nekkid dude’s there with his feet sticking out like that. Nope, nope, nope!
  • Well, Hordern’s well and proper fucked. Tunnels, you say?
  • Oh just kiss her already!
  • Ooooooooooo, that’s got to be Ost-in-Edhil! YES!
  • Feanor was a dick. y’all. 
  • Celebrimbor has impostor’s syndrome? Relatable.
  • Elrond, general contractor
  • Wait, Elrond and Durin were friends? I don’t remember that from the books.
    • That’s because it’s not from the books!
  • I’m getting Emerald City vibes. 😂 
  • Sigin-tarag? Mmmmmmmkay.
  • Ok, Khazad-dĂ»m looks dope as hell.
  • Sorry, Khazaaaaaaaaaad… DÛM! WTF.
  • That… is not how I pictured Durin. He looks like he just woke up from a nap.

Screenshot from Rings of Power S1 E2

  • Are we watching the Carol Burnett Show with the ear tugging?
  • GROSS. 
  • CRONCH CRONCH CRONCH – nooooo, nekkid dude, that’s not how you do that!
  • … this isn’t Radagast, is it??? if it is, I’m going to be BIG mad. Alternatively, Sauron returning from Numenor? But he didn’t have physical form.
  • Mana! ÚrĂ«!
  • Owwwwwwwwww, my ankle is now having sympathy pains.
  • Here she comes, everybody stop talking about her!
  • Oh right, Galadriel. “I am still swiiiiimmmiiiiiinnng!”

Maui Still Falling GIF - Maui Still Falling Moana - Discover & Share GIFs

  • Elves are friends, not food, worm.
  • Survivors from NĂșmenor?
    • No, of course not. It’s the second age. NĂșmenor doesn’t fall until the end of the second age. Derp.
  • … “the worm”? Jesus, not this Dune shit again. It was bad enough they put this in The Hobbit.
  • Let me guess: the worm is Ulmo taking care of the last NĂșmenoreans?
    • Nope!
  • Halbrand? That sounds familiar.
    • Nope, not in the books.
  • Uhh, 20 years isn’t that long to dwarves either, Durin.
  • Aww, Durin needs a hug.
  • Tree of Lindon? You mean a mallorn tree?
  • Awwww, Elrond, you sweet-talker, you.
  • What do you do with an Elven sailor?
  • Ooooo, whassat in the pouch, Halbrand?
  • Orcs, you say? NOW Galadriel’s interested.
  • Ahh ok, he’s from Harad, not NĂșmenor. 
  • Oh, this fuckin’ kid again. ORC OUTTA FUCKIN’ NOWHERE!
  • Was that supposed to be an orc claw or something?
    • Certainly appears so.
  • LOL, they pulled a Signs.
  • I hope that kid didn’t have that sword on him when the orcs came.
  • That orc looks… really bad. Like they put a burlap sack on a dude’s head bad.
  • But holy fuck, Bronwyn is a total badass!
  • I want to know how Galadriel knows how to sail. Oh wait, she doesn’t. 😂 Boy, she really woke up quickly from almost drowning, didn’t she?
  • This has got to be Radagast.
  • “I don’t speak firefly.” ZING!
  • And the fireflies are now DEED! Soooo, probably not Radagast.
  • What are we concerned about Elrond knowing of? Mithril?
  • Kid, you have got to get rid of that sword. Nothing good will come of it. See? Told you. Good swords don’t suck your blood into them and ignite themselves.
  • Whozzat on the ship?

Ok… They created a lot of loose ends here. I’m concerned about certain things (nekkid firefly dude), and intrigued by others (Halbrand). We’ll see how the next episode shakes out.

No map transitions this episode. Pity, I really enjoyed them.

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